How Should We Then Live?

How should we then live knowing that all is One and proceeds from Mind? There are two immediate implications that stem from the concept of Oneness and the concept of Mind being the Existence out of which all existence proceeds. The first is in learning to see and maintain awareness that the core of your being is inside each other and they are one member of you and helping them to see this as well. The second is in understanding the nature of existence and the direction of a fullness of existence.

I am Yours and You are Mine

This is the most obvious implication of Oneness with each other. This should be nothing new but the natural inclination is to view others as separate and foreign to you. With the natural mindset it’s no wonder why the Golden Rule of doing to others as you would want them to do to you is so hard to carry out. The mindset of Oneness has a tendency to…change the equation. If another person is not foreign to your being but is one member of it then when you do something to someone you are doing that thing to yourself.

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could duplicate yourself and have multiple people who were you and who knew you and were on your side and were there to help you be successful? Haven’t you ever daydreamed about that? Wouldn’t you get so much more accomplished in life if you had duplicates of yourself who could help you reach your goals which just happened to be their goals as well? This would be the situation if everyone would wake up and see reality through the eyes of One. There is a synergy that would be created if people would see their own being inside others. Would we not inherently be able to more fully love each other if we could see each other as members of our own being? It is important to wake each other up and live in an awakened state so that we can drop our defensive barriers toward each other because we are secure in the knowledge that we wouldn’t hurt ourselves.

Living More Fully

There are many philosophies of ethics and lists of rules for how people in society should live that are based on a number of principles. How can you know which one’s right or is it an arbitrary decision based on whatever way feels best for you? I believe the secret lies in the rules of existence itself.

Mind is fundamental existence out of which proceeds the reality of separation we have experience with. The reality of separation is made out of rules which we previously identified as the Logos and the attribute of existence which is the breath of life giving form to the rules. These rules combined with the attribute of existence form the perception of energy and its altered state of matter that makes up what we think of as our material universe. This forms the basis of our existence in a realm of perceived separation and multiplicity.

Is there anything about the rules of energy and matter that could give us a clue as to how we could exist in fullness and in harmony with the essence of this material perception? I believe we find this clue in the fundamental laws of matter and energy known as thermodynamics. Now the first law of thermodynamics says that matter and energy can neither be created nor destroyed. But the second law states that in any system there is a tendency for energy to undergo entropy and seek an equilibrium which transforms energy from greater usability to less usability. In terms of matter the order of the system seeks disorder, randomness, chaos as a natural inclination. This means that the quality of a system tends to break down over time. The end result of entropy is the uselessness of energy to generate motion and extension in matter. Without useful energy matter cannot maintain its form and would ultimately cease to exist. So the end result of the second law of thermodynamics for matter is nonexistence.

This is an important clue. The question is how should we exist in fullness in this world of separation and multiplicity? The fundamental rules of the fabric of our perceived reality of separation generate a tendency for matter to seek nonexistence. This makes sense considering that if we were to actually be separate from Mind which is the root of our being we would in actuality cease to exist. So it seems that the tendency of entropy on our existence is to take us to a lesser quality of existence. It seems that to be seeking greater fullness of existence is to seek the opposite direction of entropy and reaching toward a greater quality and order of existence.

How can we seek the opposite direction of entropy if the natural tendency is for entropy to increase? Entropy can be reduced in any system so long as there is access to an influx of energy, that energy is transformed into a usable form of energy, and there is a directing plan for the energy creating greater order and quality in the system. It just so happens that you form an individual system that is affected by entropy. But as a system you are also in a larger system that is the environment you live in. You can consciously act to reduce entropy in yourself and in your environment.

Now, the directing program that you choose to reduce entropy in yourself and in your environment will be different for everyone. I call that directing program in this blog your calling. I will provide the tools for you to listen to that still small voice inside of you to find your calling as well as the tools to transform the energy that’s all around us into useful energy to apply to your directing program to reduce entropy in your life and reach your calling.

Charley Sanders