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Self Knowledge

This course aims to help you see who you really are and where the source of your being originates. It justifies an idealist perspective of reality over a materialist perspective and presents evidencial support.

Course 1

Inner Healing

In this course we review how some inner wounds may stem from your childhood and how they often persist over generations. You will get a chance to understand how inner wounds are repressed in your subconscious mind.

Course 3


In this course we discuss how an individual forms a belief system and how it guides that individual through life. We will deconstruct a popular myth that some belief systems are more rational and objective than others.

Course 5


In this course we discuss known ideas about dreams and their formation as part of human physiology. Dreams can be used to better understand yourself, gain control of your life, heal past wounds and improve your personal/professional life.

Course 7


In this course we discuss different aspects of money concept from historical to emotional. We describe how money can become a main purpose in life and why it is destructive. We also explain how to develop a healthy attitude to money and how to manage them to live a productive and fulfilling life.

Course 9

Self-Actualization & Beyond

In this course we define what self-actualization is and is not, how to achieve self-growth, and how live to one’s fullest potential. We’ll offer helpful insights on how to understand the bigger picture and maintain integrity, even in the midst of personal or societal disturbances.

Course 11


In this course we discuss the importance of having a purpose in life and how to find it. We then discuss how this purpose with help you move forward in good and challenging times. This course is a continuation of the Self-knowledge course.

Course 2

Thought Management

In this course we provide a high level explanation of the physiological and psychological nature of human thoughts and how those thoughts form your perception of reality. We explain how negative thoughts enter your life, perpetuate themselves and hijack you socially and professionally life.

Courses 4

Prayer & Meditation

In this course we explain the importance of prayer and mediation, as well the differences and similarities between them. We’ll also discuss when and why we should use either of them. We consider why prayer and meditation work or do not work and if it is possible to observe the effects of either.

Course 6

Goal Planning & Time Management

In this course we show you how to evaluate your life’s current state. We then use this information to explain why you may feel “stuck” and how to recognize the bigger picture of your life. We introduce a variety of easy to implement goal planning and time management tools to help you transition into a more productive and controlled life.

Course 8


In this course we review different types of relationships and provide useful and interesting perspectives on importance and unavoidability of relationships in one’s life. We offer ideas on how to meet, connect and maintain personal and professional relationships with people.

Course 10


In this course we expand the meaning of community to include the higher purpose of building the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth now. The course offers ideas and insights of how to develop as people and entrepreneurs to achieve a greater cumulative effect, otherwise impossible by a sum of individual efforts. The course is a quest to find all individuals interested in building this type of community in the present time.

Course 12

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