Ego Science = Self-Knowledge

The name “Ego Science” implies self-knowledge. As such, to “know thyself” is the main goal of this blog. The two most important aspects of self-knowledge are to understand who you are as a being amongst the larger whole of existence and to then know where you want to go in life. We will discover these purposes together. To know who you are is to set the foundation for a perspective of reality that will push you toward understanding your life's calling. Within this blog and the related courses you will find the tools to discover that calling.

Who am I?

This section of the blog justifies an idealist perspective of reality over a materialist perspective. It aims to help you see who you are and find the source of your being through scientific and cultural evidence. This section will provide you with a method of thinking that facilitates your transition through the second section of this blog.

  • I first try to substantiate this perspective of reality using philosophical, cultural, and experiential evidence.
  • What is Reality and Who Are You? examines the philosophical evidence.
  • Cultural Evidence for Monistic Idealism speaks for itself on cultural evidence.
  • Mysticism as Direct Experience of Idealism makes the case with experiential evidence.
  • I examine how this perspective meets the expectations of science in Science and Subjective Idealism.
  • Finally, I attempt to explain why this perspective isn’t more widely known in Why the Mystery?

Where am I Going?

This will be the major focus of this website. I will provide tools to help you discover your calling, strategies to help you navigate the terrain on the path, and help you maintain a stable financial balance while working toward this end.

I first try to tie the two sections together in How Should We then Live?

Finding Your Calling gives you tools to find your purpose in life.

Thank You!

The spirit within me has always entreated me to put pen to paper. I had been hesitant to heed the calling for various reasons, but the present is bursting with imminence. May the guidance within be a blessing to all who read.